Flat Tire (Jeff Burch - Nu Hafi Music / Cyn House Music Publishing - BMI / North Magnolia Music - BMI)

Jeff "JB" Burch - Drums/Lead Vocals
Josh Roberts - Slide Guitar 
Zack Mack - Guitar/Vocals
Elliott Ives - Guitar/Vocals
Blake Rhea - Bass/Vocals 
Billy Gibson - Harmonica/Vocals

Produced by: Scott Hardin

Recorded by Scott Hardin @ Ardent Studios/Memphis, TN, Drums recorded at Cotton Row Studios by Niko Lyras - Engineer, Additional Tracking & Mixed @ Young Avenue Sound Studios by Scott Hardin/ Midtown, Memphis. Mastered by Kevin Nix @ Ardent Studios for L. Nix Mastering/Memphis, Tn.

Cyn House Records, 2258 Young Avenue, Memphis, TN 38104



What is Love?

(Billy Gibson North Magnolia Music / BMI)

Billy Gibson - Vocals/Harmonica

David Bowen - Guitar

James Jackson - Bass

Cedric Keel - Drums

Live Recording @ Rum Boogie Cafe on Historic Beale Street in Memphis, TN. Engineered & Mixed by Kevin Houston (December 2004). House Engineer: Robbie Rose, Mastered by Mark Yoshida @ Audio Graphic MasterWorks / Memphis, TN.

The Billy Gibson Band


Down Home

(David Bowen TAIESE Music / BMI & Billy Gibson North Magnolia Music / BMI)

Billy Gibson - Vocals/Harmonica

David Bowen - Guitar / Background Vocals

James Jackson - Bass

Cedric Keel - Drums / Background Vocals

Recorded & mixed at Studio Daddy-O by Charlie Wood / Memphis, TN (circa summer 2005). Mastered by Larry & Kevin Nix at L. Nix Mastering Lab in Ardent Studios / Memphis, TN.



(Kevin Sheahan / North Magnolia Music, BMI)                       

Billy Gibson - Diatonic Harmonica
Pete Pedersen - Chromatic Harmonica
Charlie Wood - Organ
David Bowen - Guitar
Kevin Sheahan - Bass
David Forrester - Drums

Produced by Billy Gibson
Recorded live at Rockingchair Studios in Midtown, Memphis / February, 1997. Engineered & Mixed by Bill Pappas (Rockingchair Studios) / March, 1997. Mastered by Larry Nix @ Ardent Studios / Memphis, TN.

*song features Chromatic Harmonica Maestro Pete Pedersen.

CLICK PIC to learn more about Pete:


Songwriter: Kevin Sheahan -Guitar (w/ Jeff "JB" Burch - Drums & BG - Harmonica)

Recorded & mixed by Charlie Wood @ Studio Daddy-O / Midtown, Memphis (circa Spring 2005).